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Manapany les Bains and it´s surroundings
Manapany? Something like “the place where there are many bats”, a “Malagascan” expression, the language of the inhabitants of Madagascar. If we dig a little further, we will find its roots in the “Indian language”… Anyway, those who gave this name to this place, do not exist today anymore, Actually, few species have survived civilization.
The natural salt water swimming pool of Manapany les Bains

Manapany les bains
The celebrity of "Manapany les bains" comes from the fact that it is the the only bay of Saint Joseph which is appropriate for bathing in the Indian Ocean. The coastal remainder is difficult to reach due to steep cliffs. To protect divers and bathers, volcanic rocks were placed into the sea to create a basin protected from waves and separated from the sea, which constitutes a cradle for many marine life.

Manapany is a place without much history. Because of its site and protected basin area from the sea, a great number of activities related to the sea has developped, which almost completely disappeared nowdays.

The fishing port of Manapany was built by Gabriel Kervuegen in 1853 (his family owned most of the lands situated between 150 and 800m of altitude in the south), a courageous step when one knows how people from Reunion are scared of the sea… The port was used for transportation of spices, aromatic plants, coffee and sugar which came from the factories of Langevin.

A historical pause: At the end of the 20th century the first tourist proposals came up. Furnished lodgings and a first class restaurant, remained in the memory of the people of Reunion as the best restaurant than Reunion has ever known, has closed down

Today 5 lodgings offer various service qualities. A restaurant  at the edge of the basin (despite its name, it's apparently much better than the restaurant), which offers culinary services. An area shop held by a chinese family, supplies the population and the guests with products of first need (bread, canned food, newspapers…

No true touristic infrastructure exists in “our charming corner” but it is perhaps what makes the charm of Manapany…
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General information
District: Saint Joseph (Reunion)
Map co-ordinates: 21° 22° Southern 55° 37° East
Area: Reunion
Department: Reunion (974)
Surface: 178,5 km2 Ca
Inhabitants: More than 30000 (170 inhabitants/km2)
Zip code: 97480
Code INSEE: 97412
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Saint Joseph
is the most southern city of the French territory and of the European Union. Saint Joseph was created in 1875 as the twelfth district of Reunion Island which today has 24.
Saint Joseph is situated on a rocky coast, in the “wild south”, at approximately 20 kilometers at the East of Saint Pierre, the capital of the South. The neighborhood districts of Saint-Joseph are Petite-Ile and Saint Philippe, which together with Saint-Joseph represents the Wild South.
The center of the district of Saint-Joseph owes its name to the governor Joseph Charvet, baron of Souville. It is at Saint Joseph, where one finds the town hall, the banks and the necessary supplies. The city is 30m above sea level at the mouth of the "Rivière des Remparts", the River which forms a canyon of 1000m dug in the volcanic rock.
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Saint Joseph and its surroundings
In addition to Manapany, Saint-Joseph has many small villages which extend from the sea to the side of "Piton de la Fournaise".
  • Low Valley at the exit of Happy Valley
  • Bézaves
  • Bras Panon (135m height) in the East of Vincendo, while following the trunk road in direction of Saint-Philippe.
  • Grand Coude
  • Grand Galet
  • Jacques Payet (652m)
  • Petit Jean 
  • Langevin (50m height) a small village at the mouth of "Rivière de Langevin", a place where people like to bath in the basin areas in weekends, the true most southern point of the Européenne Union.
  • Les Lianes
  • Matouta (303m Height) small village at the extreme east of the district, with the gully.
  • Parc à mouton  (283m Height)
  • Plaines des Grègues
  • Vincendo (132m Height) after Saint Joseph, it is the 2nd larger city of the district with a school, a college, an additional municipality and a general college. The Vincendo Gully throws itself in water after having created several cascades.
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The coastal Area
  • Le Grand Cap
  • Cap Carosse
  • Pointe de la Cayenne
  • Cap Chevron
  • Le Cap Bas
  • Pointe de Langevin
  • Pointe Colas
  • Cap du Bord
  • Pointe Marcellin
  • Cap Chien
  • Cap Poisson D'ail
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In this part of Reunion island, it is the tertiary sector which predominates (Craft Industry, administrations, teachers, employees of public services, etc.... not much industries). Moreover, agriculture prevails, especially the growing of the sugar cane up to the top of the side of the "Piton de la fournaise", but also pineapples, bananas and trouts in the top of Langevin.
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The wild south is a place coveted by people from Reunion.
Especially coming from the west and from the capital, Saint Denis. At the tourist point of view, it is a site which plays a great part, ideal for excursions to the volcano and to the basins areas of the two large rivers “Rivière des Remparts” and “Rivière Langevin”. Excursions at the tops of the wild south are appreciated more and more.

The international public appreciates the area thanks to its simplicity and authenticity. Do not expect a population accustomed to tourism, approach simply to be granted a smile…
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Sport and Leisures
Each year, at the beginning of the southern summer in October, takes place the “Manapany Bay Festival”, an appointment for the international surfers.

The bay of Manapany is, apart the protected basin area, prohibited to bathing. The currents are extremely dangerous and several marine animals can make you spend a very bad time. The experienced surfers who are able to cut through a path find here ideal conditions.

Less dangerous are the walks along the side of the volcano, the excursions in 4x4, the paragliding and the horse riding stroll.
The choice of Manapany as a holiday destination is probably related to its extraordinary character. You will spend the holidays quiet and will benefit from the proximity of the attractive capital of the South, the volcano and all the touristic assets…

Because of its rather isolated position, we advise all our customers the hiring of a car or at least to get a bicycle… and if it's only to organize an aperitif on your terrace, while admiring the setting down of the Sun on the Indian Ocean.
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